About the gatherings

Starting from may, we meet every first wednesday of the month at Whitespace, the local Ghent hackerspace. During these gatherings, the members exchange tips and practice their lockpicking. Beyond that, it is simply a fun event, because the members come from the most diverse circles. It is simultaneously a chance for would-be members to come and have a look, and get acquainted with door hardware sport. During this introduction you get explanations of how a lock works, and why it is at all possible that locks can be opened without damage. Subsequently, you may open your very first lock with the club’s tools! We are rather confident in our field, and promise that you will be certain to open a lock after receiving instruction! Some say that the feeling of your first lock opening is unforgettable, and incredibly ‘addictive’ :) You have been warned!

First time? You must read this!

We love to meet new people interested in locks, keys and lockpicking. But, picky as we are, we’d like you to be interested for the right reasons. Toool does not condone the opening of locks for which you do not have permission to open them. If you’re a burglar or have other illegal interests in opening locks, chances are that your coming to a Toool gathering will disappoint both you and us. You will be disappointed because opening locks is an art that takes much more time and effort to learn than you think,  and because we don’t feel like teaching you. We’ll be disappointed because we really do not want to be associated with you. To attend an Toool meeting, you will need to be introduced by one of the current members. If you do not know a member, please e-mail Toool does not yet require DNA-samples, but it does help if your provide a little background on yourself and your interest in locks. If you do not mail in advance but just show up, you will be sent home.


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